Monday, April 2, 2012

Nice Schmatta!

This is not the kind of pattern I would normally buy. I think I was looking for a "fabric eater" and I am a sucker for an uneven hemline on a top, so I gave it a chance. Its Butterick 5652. I don't think its awful, but there are only two places I would wear this: the house and the backyard. Oh wait, three : the hospital!!
However, the pattern was still hungry for more fabric. I didn't like the v-neck so I eliminated the center front seam and gave it a round neckline. It looks pretty much like a tent from the side, so I did an FBA (for shape, not to make it bigger) then trimmed the side seams by the amount the dart added. (didn't help):
I feel like I should be playing mah jong & drinking in the afternoon when I wear it. I might go in the front yard in this one, but only if my house was on fire.

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