Monday, April 3, 2017

The farewell post

Many years ago, my dear late mother-in-law, who was always so kind, so kind that she would give Hitler the benefit of the doubt, said to me "oh you can't wear a standup collar because your neck is too short". It kinda hurt my feelings and I believed her. Of course, every part of me a short. But you know what? Every time I bought something at the thrift store with a standup collar I liked it. So I looked for a jacket pattern with a standup collar and I found this one: Butterick 6328.

The first one (above) I made with very heavy cotton fabric I got at Fields in Grand Rapids probably more than five years ago. The pattern calls for two complete fronts and has no bust dart. As stiff as this fabric is, that sounded like a really good recipe for a tent. So I drafted a cut-on, fold back facing and added a bust dart. I also added cuffs and patch pockets. I cut the fabric so that the pattern on the cuffs and pockets runs in the opposite direction than the rest of  jacket, like the collar.  I don't believe this picture does it justice. I really like this jacket.

The second one (below) is a knit fabric and, as you can see, the collar doesn't stand up quite as well, though I did use fusiknit in the collar and facing. I again made the facing the same way as the other one and added the bust dart. This one has the inseam pockets that come with the pattern. This fabric is a medium weight knit almost like a scuba knit but not as heavy.

I really like a lot of black and white in my wardrobe so both of these will get a lot of use.

This will be officially my last post here at Room for Sewing.Please follow me over to my new home Let's go get sewn. Its a new beginning!!!!

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